The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) is inviting industry’s input into the development of the 2014 Transport and Logistics Environmental Scan (E-Scan).

The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council produces the E-Scan annually to collect and report on intelligence related to the skills and workforce development needs of the transport and logistics industry.

A skilled, vibrant and adaptable workforce is vital if the transport and logistics industry is to continue to underpin Australia’s economic activity and productivity. The industry is faced with several key challenges:

  • An ageing workforce.
  • Competition for skilled labour from other industries.
  • Productivity barriers.
  • The need to increase the skills base of the workforce to meet the demands of growth and new technology.

Despite these challenges, there is evidence of innovative responses throughout the industry and many examples of businesses seeking opportunities to ensure that skills and workforce development needs are met.

The E-Scan is developed over a short but intense period so that it captures real-time views and evidence across the industry.  TLISC uses this intelligence to inform industry and policy makers about industry priorities, skill shortages and Vocational Education and Training (VET) outcomes and practices across all transport and logistics sectors.

The E-Scan is the centrepiece industry document that reports on the challenges and opportunities and provides a one-stop reference for all stakeholders in the year moving forward.

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