The NMFC arranges commodities into eighteen classes, each with a rating on a scale from 50 to 500. can help you determine which class your shipments belong to. 

Are you shipping in bulk?  What size are your products?

The NMFC helps us calculate your freight quote by means of a comparison of goods depending on their movement through foreign, interstate, and intrastate commercial channels.

Providing both carriers and shippers with standards by which to assign their own pricing evaluation, the NMFC simplifies the comparative evaluation of goods through its classification system.

Imagine the complexity of comparing a shipment of cheap, bulky tin garbage cans that weigh little with another shipment of, say, gold bullion: the comparative cost of shipping each by water, air, or road (your choice) is made relatively complex. For this reason, the NMFC offers guidelines for defining and quantifying the comparative nuances of the shipping industry.

Defining your freight as a certain class depends on its shipping characteristics and thus its position among the varying definitions provided by the NMFC – this much information helps determine your freight classification.

Lucky for you, the NMFC classification standards are simple, and easily applied when designing your freight quote: lucky for you because uses these standards when providing you with your personalized freight quote.

We, the quote experts, interpret this freight classification system to your ultimate benefit.

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