Aviation Industry

  • Accident Plans
    Outlines requirements for U.S. and foreign air carriers to develop and submit to the National Transportation Safety Board a plan to address the needs of families of passengers and other victims involved in any aircraft accident involving an aircraft of the air carrier and resulting in a major loss of life. The requirement applies to both passenger and all-cargo carriers. All-cargo carriers are included in this requirement to cover cargo attendants, non-revenue passengers, and persons on the ground that could be affected by an accident.
  • Aircraft Certifications
    Lists certifications granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • Aircraft Manuals and Handbooks
    Provides aircraft operations and maintenance manuals.
  • Alien Flight Student Program
    Contains application for non-U.S. citizens seeking to train at FAA-regulated flight schools. Candidates are required to complete this application prior to beginning flight training.
  • Aviation Manuals and Handbooks
    Offers aviation operations handbooks, safety manuals, and pilots guides.
  • Canadian Air Taxi Operators
    Covers how Canadian operators of small aircraft (fewer than 60 seats) that want to operate trans-border services between the U.S. and Canada must register with the Department of Transportation (DOT), and provide evidence of insurance coverage for their operations.
  • Emission Standards: Aircraft
    Provides information about air pollutant emissions from commercial aviation, including regulations, guidance, and other information related to aircraft.
  • FAA Licenses and Certificates
    Gives forms and certificates granted by the FAA.
  • FAA Recent and Upcoming Compliance Dates
    Provides a calendar of upcoming deadlines concerning FAA’s various requirements.
  • FAA Regulatory and Guidance Databases
    Explains the Regulatory & Guidance Library (RGL), a set of searchable databases which contain regulatory, guidance and aviation product information.
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) FAQs
    Lists frequently asked questions about FAA licenses, certificates and regulations affecting the airline industry.
  • Flight Standard Service
    Offers information on standards for certification and oversight of airmen, air operators, air agencies and designees.
  • How to Become a Certified Air Carrier
    Supplies information regarding the analysis and evaluation of all applications for new economic authority to determine whether the airline applicant is ‘fit, willing and able ‘ to conduct commercial airline operations, and that the applicants are U.S. citizens as defined by the transportation statue.
  • Mechanic Licenses and Training Requirements
    Provides a list of regulations, policies, license and certifications for aircraft mechanics.
  • OSHA eTool: Baggage Handling Ergonomics
    Offers an e-Tool describing many of the common hazards associated with the baggage handling process as well as providing possible solutions that are ranked according to their feasibility to the operations.
  • Pilot Licenses and Training Requirements
    Provides a list of regulations, policies, license and certifications for airline pilots.
  • Public Charter Flights Agreements
    Explains that all persons who wish to arrange public charter flights must first submit a charter prospectus to the DOT which contains information about the proposed charter program.
  • TSA Funeral Home Partners
    Details a program that allows funeral homes to partner with TSA to accommodate air travelers with crematory remains.

Hazardous Materials Transportation

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