Terms of Shipping

Terms of Shipment

General terms: The condition of this contract cannot be altered. No employee, agent or contractor is empowered to alter this agreement, or waive, or add any provision. This contract represents the complete delivery agreement and no other conditions, either express or implied are valid. This a contract between the driver/contractor (courier no.) And the shipper/consigner. The driver/contractor (courier no.) Does not act as an agent of any party.

Limitation of liablility: The shipper/consignor ships at his/her own risk and waives responsibility by any other parties for damages except as outlined below. Liability for loss (including theft) or damage shall be limited to the lesser of $100.00 or $1.00 per pound (or 2.20 per kilogram), computed on the total weight of the shipment unless additional insurance is carried under a separate agreement. No parties shall be liable for any incident while involved in the movement of freight at the location of either the shipper/consignor or consignee. No parties shall be liable for any special, consequential or other damages caused by delay in the delivery of a shipment, regardless of the cause of such a delay.

Delivery of freight: Charges are for delivery of freight for the door of the shipper/consignor to the door of the consignee. Any further movement of the freight shall be subject to additional charges. Where the consignee cannot be found at the time of delivery, the freight shall be returned to the shipper/consignor at the exspense of the original shipper/consignor.

Accounting: Regardless of any instructions provided for payment of freight charges, the consignor shall, in the event the carrier is unable to collect payment, be responsible for all charges (including interest and administration costs.) Unpaid accounted will be subject to interest at 2% per month. All quoted rates assume full disclosure of all relevant facts affecting the price and thus are subject to final audit.