Pack Your Presents Like a Pro

Pack Your Presents Like a Pro

  • Pick the right-size box. The more a piece can move, the more likely it is to break. And don’t over fill; if you do, the contents are likely to bust out before reaching their destination. Check the box’s bottom flap for the maker’s certificate, which tells you the maximum weight the container can bear.
  • When you’re mailing multiple items, Bubble-Wrap each separately, then tape them together, that way, they won’t clank against each other.
  • Before sealing a package, give it a gentle shake! If you hear anything moving, add padding — newspaper or shredded documents do the trick.
  • To make sure your box is fully reinforced, use the H method, taping along all the seams — it will look like there’s an H on both the top and bottom of your box. And always use real packing tape; the other stuff won’t hold up in transit.

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