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How to Track Delivery Packages

Package tracking allows customers to trace their delivery shipment. This service includes multiple-package tracking through airmail or freight. Customers can track the package through the Internet, telephone or text messages. With careful research, tracking your package delivery is simple. Instructions … Continue reading

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5 Tips on Traveling and How to Pack Presents

Spread your cheer and save time and money doing it! Remember these five tips before traveling with gifts this holiday season — better to be safe before you go . . . than sorry at the security checkpoint! 1. Don’t … Continue reading

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Pack Your Presents Like a Pro

Pack Your Presents Like a Pro Pick the right-size box. The more a piece can move, the more likely it is to break. And don’t over fill; if you do, the contents are likely to bust out before reaching their … Continue reading

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How to Pack an Antique Vase for Shipping

Arnoff Pack & Ship’s certified packing specialist, Bill Phair, walks you through expert steps to safely pack an antique vase for transport. COURIER-MESSENGER INC. – (661) 257-8689 – BIG OR SMALL, WE SHIP IT ALL!

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Defining the word Delivery Package

pack·age (p?k??j) n. 1. A wrapped or boxed object; a parcel: A package arrived in the mail. 2. A container or wrapping in which something is stored, transported, or sold: had trouble opening the package. 3. A commodity, such as … Continue reading

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Tips on Packaging Fragile Items for Worldwide Shipping

Swaddle the baby! Wow, they bought that ancient dust-covered knick-knack from Gramma’s china chest. But (your knees are knocking in terror) they live a billion miles away. How are you going to get it to them in ONE piece? Stop … Continue reading

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