US Contains The Vast Majority of Crowdfunding Backers

Unsurprisingly, our research finds that the US accounts for nearly half (48%) of global crowdfunding backers. The UK (7.96%) and Canada (5.7%) are the next largest crowdfunding markets.

Top locations for crowdfunding backers

More importantly, a full 52% of crowdfunding backers live in nine additional countries. This means that crowdfunders should consider their growing audiences in these markets. The emergent countries to focus on include:

  • Germany (5.6%)
  • Australia (4.8%)
  • Singapore (2.7%)
  • France (2.7%)
  • Netherlands (2.4%)
  • Japan (2.2%)
  • Hong Kong (1.4%)
  • Switzerland (1.4%)
  • Spain (1.4%)

If you’re new to crowdfunding, you can dive into the Crowdfunding 101 Guidebook. This comprehensive resource covers the basics of strategic planning, marketing, and shipping. It will also be your roadmap as you pivot into eCommerce once your campaign succeeds.

Favorite Product Categories In Top Consumer Countries

This section highlights the top purchase categories among buyers in top-spending countries. Use this data to determine which markets best suit your offerings, and identify opportunities for expansion.

That said, it’s important to remember that the US is the global spending leader in all product categories. The following data reflect the gross sales in product categories within a single country, not between countries.

The top six consumer countries are listed below in order of their gross spending power:

  • The US
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • UK

US Buyers Prefer Jewelry, Board Games and Fashion Products

Top 3 most popular product categories with US buyers

In 2020, the most popular product categories with US buyers were jewelry, board games, and fashion. Heavy spending on jewelry and apparel is no surprise for the world’s richest nation, though these numbers dipped last year. Board games are a new favorite due to the lockdowns. Looking ahead, we predict a decline in board game purchases once lockdowns lift, with jewelry and apparel rising when warmer weather arrives.

Hong Kong Prefers Sports, Health & Beauty, and Board Games

Most popular product categories with Hong Kong buyers

For buyers in Hong Kong, the top purchase categories in 2020 were health & beauty, board games, and sports & leisure. Again, board games are an obvious inclusion. It’s reasonable to assume that sports & leisure spending is mostly for home-gym products. In 2021, board games and sports & leisure purchases should decline, while health & beauty stands firm.

Canada Opts For Nutrition Products, Bags & Luggage, and Jewelry

Most popular product categories with Canadian buyers

For Canadian buyers in 2020, priority purchases were bags & luggage, jewelry as well as nutrients & supplements. With travel restricted, bags & luggage purchasing is a surprise. However, this broad category includes backpacking gear as well as handbags. Spending on health-promoting products during covid is no surprise. In the year ahead, health products should remain top of mind.

Australia Buys Nutrition Products, Sports & Leisure and Board Games

Most popular product categories with Australian buyers

In Australia, buyers flocked to products that supported an active, healthy lifestyle both indoors and outdoors. Leading among purchase categories were sports & leisure, nutrients & supplements, and board games. Until lockdowns and pandemic worries subside, it’s safe to say that these categories will remain popular with shoppers.

The UK Shops For Health & Beauty, Board Games and Jewelry

Most popular product categories with English buyers

In 2020, the most popular product categories among shoppers were health & beauty, board games and jewelry. Unsurprisingly, safety and entertainment during lockdown is a priority. Jewelry spending was perhaps spurred by deep discounts from flagging retailers. In 2021, these categories should remain static, at least until life returns to normal.

Singapore Prefers Bags, Fashion and Jewelry Products

Most popular product categories with Singaporeans buyers

In Singapore, buyers showed an interest in bags & luggage, jewelry, and fashion. An apparel-driven approach to purchasing is somewhat inconsistent with world trends, though there’s no accounting for taste. Since these categories weren’t upset by a global pandemic, we expect them to remain dominant in the coming year.


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