A courier is a messenger who transports packages, documents and other items from one location to another. You can work directly for a company that specializes in making deliveries, in your own business or on staff as the company courier. You don’t need more than a high school education to land a position delivering packages for a courier service because most of the training is done on the job. Couriers in 2010 earned about $11.58 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, though you can increase your pay if you work for yourself.

Stay Clean

You’ll need to have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record to work for a courier service, though many companies also hire messengers who deliver packages by bicycle. The courier service will however look at your criminal and driving records to get a picture of your background and integrity. You could carry important legal documents or life-saving medical organs and need to present yourself as trustworthy with a clean record.

Develop Skills

Though you won’t need more than a high school diploma or passing a General Educational Development test, employers look for other skills when hiring couriers. Illustrate on your resume that you possess effective customer service skills and can take orders by referring to experience working with people or through clubs and organizations at school. A good sense of direction is vital for couriers; demonstrate these skills in your cover letter by citing your familiarity with the city or listing other jobs or volunteer activities that required you to navigate directions. Mention your grades in school to show that you are capable of keeping accurate records and maintaining a schedule.

Get Fit

Whether you deliver packages using a vehicle, walking or riding a bike, you need to be in good physical shape to secure a position. Some companies require you to lift 50 or 75 pounds to meet eligibility requirements. The physical demands of the job can be intense, so you should show up for interviews looking fit and healthy. The job may require odd hours so explain in your cover letter that you can work flexible hours and are available for overtime when necessary to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Go Freelance

Many courier and delivery services nationwide offer personalized, custom delivery services for clients. Associations such as the Messenger Courier Association of America give members access to a job board similar to the “load board” used by the trucking industry that independent truckers use to find jobs. You pay a monthly fee to access the postings. You’ll post a bid for the job based on how far you’ll need to go, expenses and how much you want to make doing the job. Once you’ve agreed to accept a job, you contact the client to make the arrangements. You’ll need to provide your own transportation and insurance, but you can earn more as an independent courier.



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